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Kalmbach Game Plan 18 Starter Developer

Kalmbach Game Plan 18 Starter Developer


A versatile pelleted option formulated to be fed with forage for young goats; can be used from start to finish. Medicated for the prevention of coccidiosis in young goats caused by Eimeria christenseni and Eimeria ninakohlyakimovae.

Size: 50 lb.

Medicated: Decoquinate 22.7 g/ton

Features and Benefits

  • Blend of quality ingredients promotes bloom for early shows and sales
  • Opti-Ferm XL® added to aid digestibility and nutrient availability while maintaining a balanced pH during times of stress. A unique combination of pre-biotics and pro-biotics encourages strong appetites
  • Chelated minerals for improved cell absorption, immunity, haircoat and skin condition
  • Organic selenium for improved reproductive performance and faster recovery from stresses and ammonium chloride included to prevent urinary calculi



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