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Aspen Song® Chickadee


Aspen Song® Chickadee is an energy-rich formula, is an ideal food for your backyard gymnasts. Nuts are perfect substitutes for the kinds of food these birds naturally forage (guess what the name, “nut hatch” refers to?). A blend of Oil and Stripe Sunflowers and Sunflower Kernels provide important nutrients. Corn and Safflower are energy-rich seeds. This mix’s high nutmeat formula may also attract Golden-crowned Kinglets and an early spring Eastern Bluebird.

Attracts Chickadees, Titmice, Nuthatches & More:

  • 90% Sunflowers & Nuts
  • Energy Rich for Active Birds
  • Enjoy the Show!

What’s the Best Feeder To Use? Many feeder types will work well with this mix. To make it as exclusive as possible to the arboreal birds, consider one of the ball or globe style feeders that does not have perches. For the acrobats – no problem!


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