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Purina Performance 22:20 Milk Replacer

Manufacturer: Land O Lakes' Feed

Purina® Performance 22:20, an original formulation, delivers a performance level of nutrition featuring an exclusive blend of fat sources that is more efficiently used by the calf to support immune function.  For optimal results, feed in combination with AMPLI-CALF® 20 Starter Feed through 12 weeks and transition to AMPLI-CALF® Grower Feed at 12-13 weeks-24 weeks of age.

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Purina® Performance 22:20 calf milk replacer contains highly
digestible, human-grade quality ingredients and features an
exclusive blend of fat sources that delivers a fatty acid profile that is more efficiently utilized by the calf and enhances immune function.

Features & Benefits:

  • Digestarom®: An exclusive essential oil/botanical that has been research proven to enhance weight gains, milk replacer and starter intake, and influence feed to gain ratios.
  • Architect®Formulation System:This patented technology is designed to combine protein, fat and carbohydrates for maximum performance