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  • Purina® AquaMax™ Sport Fish Developer 600

    Manufacturer: Purina Wildlife Model: 5D06

    Extruded, floating developer for carnivorous fish. 100% nutritionally complete diet that has been collaboratively developed by fish nutritionists and experts. Formulated for optimum nutrient delivery to a wide number of fish species. Click here for more information on this product.

  • Sweet PDZ Stall Refresher Powder Granules 40 lb. Bag

    Manufacturer: Manna Pro Corp

    Sweet PDZ is the leading stall freshener on the market and is the odor control and deodorizer of choice for thousands of horse, pet and livestock owners. Sweet PDZ is an all-natural, non-hazardous and non-toxic mineral. It captures, neutralizes and eliminates harmful levels of ammonia and odors. Sweet PDZ is a far superior alternative to lime products for ammonia removal and moisture absorption.

  • Purina Kit & Kaboodle

    Manufacturer: Purina/Nestlé Pet Nutrition

    When it comes to serving up the variety cats love, Kit & Kaboodle has it all. With four flavors and four fun shapes all together, no “bowl boredom” happens here.  Every bowl really is the whole kit & kaboodle!

  • Purina Kitten Chow Nurturing Formula

    Manufacturer: Purina/Nestlé Pet Nutrition

    Nurture your kitten with lots of love and our complete nutrition. Rich in flavor, protein and other nutrients kittens need—like those found in mother's milk—our formula encourages a healthy appetite. And helps fuel healthy brain and body development.

  • Purina Cat Chow Complete Formula

    Manufacturer: Purina/Nestlé Pet Nutrition

    It starts with the four cornerstones of nutrition: High-quality protein for strong, lean muscles, healthy carbs for vital energy, essential fatty acids for a shiny coat and 25 vitamins and minerals for immune health. With Purina Cat Chow Complete Formula, you’re feeding them the foundation for a long, healthy life.

  • Game Bird Maintenance

    Manufacturer: Purina Wildlife

    A 12.5%- protein, holding ration for maintaining breeders in the non-production season and mature game birds that are not to be used for shooting preserve.

  • Aquashade® Aquatic Plant Growth Control

    A lake dye registered by E.P.A. for control of aquatic plant growth in impounded bodies of water with limited or no outflow. Aquashade is a unique blend of blue and yellow dyes specifically designed to screen or shade portions of the sunlight spectrum required by underwater plant and algae growth.

  • Land O'Lakes® ProNurse® Specialty Milk Replacer

    Manufacturer: Land O' Lakes Inc.

    Premium formula for calves, foals, goat kids & lambs, piglets, llama & alpaca crias, fawns and elk calves. Provides complete and balanced nutrition for 8 species.

  • Miller Manufacturing Poultry Waterer

    Manufacturer: Miller Manufacturing Company Model: PPF-5

    5 gallon. These large capacity waterers are dent-proof and easy to fill. The vacuum-sealing cap creates an automatic water flow. The rugged handle makes transport around the yard easy. Jar snaps compactly onto base.

  • Safe-Guard® En-Pro-Al® Molasses Block

    Manufacturer: Merck Animal Health Model: 069291

    Medicated dewormer for beef cattle. For the removal and control of: Lungworm; Stomach worms: Barberpole worms, Brown stomach worms, Small stomach worms; Intestinal worms: Hookworms, Thread-necked intestinal worms, Small intestinal worms; Bankrupt worms; Nodular worms. 25 lb. block.

  • Purina Mills Nature's Match Starter-Grower

    Manufacturer: Purina

    Nature's Match™ Starter-Grower Feed is a complete, all natural pig starter-grower ration to supply all nutrients necessary for pigs weighing 25 lbs to 100 lbs (Moderate Lean Potential) or 150 lbs (Hi Lean Potential). An 18% protein premium product that helps pigs transition to less complex grower-finisher rations. Designed to maximize performance and minimize waste.

  • Aquatic Control Cutrine Plus 1 Gallon

    Is a 27.9% copper ethanolamine complex chelated algaecide (9% metallic copper equivalent) for lakes, potable water reservoirs, farm ponds, fish ponds, industrial ponds, fish hatcheries, crop and non-crop irrigation systems, ditches, canals, and laterals.

  • Spectracide® Triazicide® Insect Killer for Lawns Granules

    Spectracide Triazicide Insect Killer for Lawns Granules provides fast-acting protection against more than 100 types of damaging and nuisance pests, so you and your family can enjoy the outdoors. It kills insects on contact above and below the ground, including ants, crickets, centipedes, pill bugs, fleas and grubs.

  • Miller 3 Gallon Plastic Poultry Waterer

    Manufacturer: Miller Manufacturing Company Model: PPF3

    This large-capacity Automatic Poultry Waterer features a vacuum-sealing O-ring cap that creates an automatic water flow. Made of dent-proof, heavy-duty translucent plastic that allows you to see the water level. The easy-to-fill jar snaps compactly onto the base, and the rugged handle makes transport around the yard easy. This is a durable unit that will stand up to plenty of use. 16 inch-diameter octagon by 14.75 inch high, holds 3 gallons.

  • Equisect® RTU Fly Repellent

    Manufacturer: Farnam Animal Health Care

    Repels and kills horn, stable, house, horse and deer flies, mosquitoes, gnats, controls lice. Contains the botanical repellent PyGanic®, the first pyrethrum listed by the Organic Materials Review Institute for use in organic farming. Also contains botanical and essential oils of citronella, clove stem, thyme and corn mint. Water based, alcohol free. Available in 32 oz. trigger sprayer.

  • Purina® HEIFERSMART® Protein Tub

    Manufacturer: Purina Model: 0180980

    Crude Protein supplement to support heifer development and enhanced growth. HEIFERSMART® Protein Tubs provide high levels of crude protein, intended to enhance high forage diets or heifers being raised on grass to help meet the protein needs of developing heifers. Click here for guaranteed analysis and more information.

  • Frontline® Plus Cat Flea & Tick Treatment

    Manufacturer: Merial | Boehringer Ingelheim

    For kittens and cats 8 weeks and older. #1 veterinarian-recommended flea and tick product. Take good care of your pets. Help keep them healthy and happy by providing preventative care starting with flea and tick control. Frontline Plus® is the #1 choice of veterinarians when it comes to combating both fleas and ticks. Frontline® Plus is an easy-to-use treatment that is proven effective.

  • Sweetlix® Bloat Guard® Pressed Block

    Manufacturer: Sweetlix | Ridley Block Operations Model: 11453

    Protects against frothy bloat in legume and wheat pastures when used as directed
    Allows worry-free utilization of high quality legume pastures. Consistent consumption results in continuous delivery of Bloat Guard® and thus reliable protection. Weather-resistant blocks can be placed directly in pastures with cattle and require no special feeders or bunks.

  • Allied Precision, Floating Tank De-Icer

    Manufacturer: Allied Precision Model: 7521

    This De-icer is designed to float in the water tank and is thermostatically controlled with an automatic shut-off. The Styrofoam float is completely enclosed within a rugged plastic housing. The cord exits from the top of the unit. This gives the heater added stability and it is less likely to tip the tank. Patented.

  • Electric Heater Base for Galvanized Poultry Waterer

    Manufacturer: Miller Manufacturing Company Model: HB125

    Electric Heater Base helps prevent water from freezing in temperatures as low as 10 degrees F. Designed for use with Little Giant Double Wall Founts (Item Nos. 9832, 9833, 9835, and 9838, sold separately) and other all-metal containers. Perfect for unheated coops and barns; can be used outdoors in a dry, sheltered area. 

  • Accuration® Tub Cattle Mineral

    Manufacturer: Purina

    Accuration® Tub (formerly known as Sup-R-Block) is the original weatherproof supplement block for cows. The nutrient balance in Accuration® Tub enhances forage digestion, allowing your cattle to receive more of their nutritional needs from your homegrown forage sources, thus reducing your overall cost of production. Click here for guaranteed analysis and more information.

  • Purina Pro Plan Savor Shredded Chicken & Rice Adult Dog Formula 38.5lb

    Manufacturer: Nestle Petcare

    High-quality protein, including chicken as the first ingredient. Hard kibble combined with tender, shredded pieces for taste and texture dogs love. Natural prebiotic fiber, sourced from wheat bran, helps promote digestive health.

  • C & S Orange Treat Suet

    Manufacturer: C & S Wild Bird Products Model: 561

    Ingredients: Rendered Beef Suet, Corn, White Millet, Oats, Artificial Orange Flavoring. Treats will become soft and pliable at 100 degrees if exposed to extreme heat. They will return to normal hardness at room temperature. Our quality allows suet to be fed YEAR ROUND. 11.75 oz.

  • Purina® Amplify High-Fat Supplement for Horses

    Manufacturer: Purina Model: 30 lb. pail

    A high-fat, controlled starch nugget for weight gain, performance, shine and bloom. Formulated for horses that need extra calories from fat for weight gain, conditioning, competition, showing and sales preparation. Also appropriate for stallions and gestating and lactating mares. Click here for guaranteed analysis and more information.

  • Purina® Free Balance® 12:12 Vitamin & Mineral Supplement

    Manufacturer: Purina

    The added vitamins and minerals needed to balance a pasture or hay-only diet. Available as a palatable granular mineral or block. Formulated for horses on a pasture or hay-only diet and those with increased nutritional needs, such as growing horses and broodmares. Click here for guaranteed analysis and more information.